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Wild Fire Rutherglen Topaque

Wild Fire Rutherglen Topaque

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Rutherglen Fortified wines are world-famous. They are the Australian equivalent of Portuguese Vintage Ports in reputation and stature. Overseas, they rival “Champagne” as a quality “standard” for Australian wines.

These wines have been made in Rutherglen for well over 100 years. The hot and dry climate, the soil suitability and the long and warm ripening period for these grapes creates the “terroir” that suits these wine styles perfectly.

These wines are exclusive blends made by two of the best-known fortified winemakers in the region in partnership with Wild Fire.

The Topaque, made from the Tokay grape, is left to hang on the vine well past normal vintage. This develops the high sugar content and the intense Tokay flavour profile. The grapes are left to hang until they shrivel and are then picked, crushed and fermented. The powerful and concentrated wine that results is fortified with spirit and added to previous vintages (this is called a “solero” system). Every year, fresh wine is added to the large vats, and some wine taken out of the same vat that contains wine from up to 30-50 previous of vintages.

This wine has an average age of 12-15 years. It was matured in large, old oak vats that have been in use for over 100 years. It has a clean, sweet, complex, powerful palate and finishes long and concentrated.

This wine is a great wine to finish a meal with cheeses, Tiramisu or chocolate.

Screwcap closure. 500ml bottle.