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A vineyard is a joyful place

These weeks are the most beautiful we spend in our lovely Yarra Valley home.

Everything is still brilliant green, warmth is creeping into the soil, the vines are lush, pristine and bursting with promise, our vegetables are appearing as if by magic, the hay is grown long and fragrant and our winery is slowly being reorganised to cope with the onslaught of vintage.

As I traverse my vine rows in search of evil mildews and other enemies, I often pause, look around, and think that we are the luckiest people in the world, to be in the midst of such a tumult of life, colour, challenge and excitement.

I have never seen such a healthy vine canopy or such dense and well-formed fruit bunches. I’m not sure what weather the new year will bring, but with half a chance and our eyes open, the 2021 vintage looks like being the best in ten years. And it’s not just the vingnerons who are joyful-the cherry growers’ baskets are overflowing, the apples are thick everywhere, the stone fruit is heavy: nature has been kind to all farmers in the Valley.

Wish us luck for the ripening months ahead, and remember us as a purely local and artisanal business when you’re thinking about your wine buying plans. Visit our online store today.

Last of all, as I was having my morning vine wander today, I met a short white-bearded and jolly man who asked to be remembered to you, and who joins all at Wild Fire in wishing you and those close to you, a very merry Christmas, and a successful, happy and peaceful 2021.

John Harry

Santa in the vineyard.