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Get BONUS wine before the Grand Final!

Dear Wild Fire Family,

In these lockdown weeks, it's easy to get a little despondent and focus on the negatives. But here at Wild Fire Wines, two of us are EXTREMELY upbeat about what is unfolding in Perth. Our beloved Dees have made us proud and look a real chance to break a 57 year old premiership drought. Now that's worth celebrating.

Watching the game from our separate lounge rooms over last weekend, both John and I couldn't believe the sheer joy we poor Dees supporters felt as we tore Geelong apart. Now I formally apologise if you are a Geelong or Bulldogs supporter, but no one could begrudge us celebrating a 57 year old drought in two weeks’ time. I got to thinking about how we could share this JOY, and so in a moment of weakness, John and Peter agreed to us putting out some celebratory specials.


We have some wines that are getting low in volume, plus we know that everyone loves a bargain, so we are combining the "run out" specials with (hopefully) the Grand Final celebrations. It's also spring, and that means a transition to lighter wines (Rose, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Riesling), or perhaps to our wonderful 2014 Macedon Ranges Brut Sparkling.


Some of our new wines are already bottled, and they are looking sensational.  I will give an overview of these in a separate blog, but we are gearing up for a big summer!

The offers are as follows:

  1. Purchase a straight dozen of any Wildfire Wine at full retail value, and we will deliver an EXTRA SIX BOTTLES of Wild Fire Rose at NO CHARGE (an extra $150 value at NO CHARGE).
  2. Purchase any MIXED dozen of Wildfire Wines (up to 4 different wines in the mix) at full retail, and we will deliver an EXTRA SIX BOTTLES of Wild Fire Pinot Grigio at NO CHARGE (an extra $150 value at NO CHARGE)
  3. Purchase any 2 cases of wine (straight dozens) at full retail value, and we will deliver an EXTRA DOZEN of Wild Fire Rose plus a mixed 3 pack of Wild Fire Reds at NO CHARGE (an extra $400 value at NO CHARGE)

For all offers, simply purchase and we will be in touch with your bonus wine.

Take advantage of our delirium for the next 2 weeks. Offer will end on Monday 27th September, 2021. If the Dees win the big one, we may just go nuts and celebrate some more!!!!

What are you waiting for? Shop now.

Geoff at Wild Fire Wines