Introducing Taste Yarra Valley – Wild Fire Wines

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Introducing Taste Yarra Valley

Just before the onset of COVID-19, we opened a wine and cheese tasting bar in Warburton in partnership with the Mill Grove Dairy-named "Taste Yarra Valley".

This is a small and intimate space for the sampling of outstanding local cheeses from Mill Grove made by Pieter and Nicky Tromp, Wild Fire wines, as well as a fine selection of cheeses and wines from overseas. A limited food menu will be served, plus by-the-glass wines and cheese and bottle sales. We were open for sixteen days! But everything got off to a wonderful start, and we're hopeful that now we're back on-line, things will pick up quickly.

We hope to see you at our incredible venue sometime soon. Go to 3383B Warburton Highway, Warburton: on the left as you drive into town!