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Iona settles down for the winter

Since vintage finished in April, we've been a bit like footballers who've just had a great win-lying around on the ground puffing, relieved that it's over but thrilled with the victory.

Now begins the waiting, when we anxiously taste, ponder, guess, and hope that the wines in the barrels will let us have a glimpse of their glory soon.

Even though the quantities of our Pinot Noir were down around 30%, the wine itself is delicious and beginning to show enviable character, density and length. But, as we've said before, Pinot is the great trickster and loves hiding itself from view during the first winter. We've lost count of the number of winemakers we know who start with glory in March and are in despair in September. Our Pinot from 2016 is just starting to show its complexity and nuance now. Don't drink it yet!

Our Chardonnay has fine perfume and texture already. There are many things we love about this variety-the first buds to burst, first fruit to form, biddable on the trellis, responsive to disease control and first to ripen. But the way it announces its presence and quality is a delight: 100% honest and reliable.

The Shiraz is a pleasure as well. Entrancing colour, cool climate pepper, plums and chocolate, structure for years in the bottle, spare, upright and enticing.

For the first time for many years, we've pruned early. Because of the rapid onset of cold weather following the near drought, our vines have hibernated quickly; also, we had some mildew that formed on our canes under nets, which is inevitable here, but it's always a good idea to strip them quickly and thoroughly so as not to leave too many spores in the vineyard for next season.
We've now added three new wines to our offering, and these are now featured on our website. They are:
2018 Wandin East 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, the first wine in our super "Summit" series
2019 Grampians Riesling (now sold out!)
These are all lovely wines at very reasonable prices! They put our money where our mouth is: super quality for not much money.
John and Peter